Wednesday Night Music Downtown

Good morning!  I’ve got to get back on a roll with these posts.  We’ve just been pretty busy this week and so my posts have been few and far between.

This morning I had a great 6-mile run.  The last couple days I’ve felt like I’ve been lagging during my runs.  It leaves me a little frustrated when I look at my time and see that my pace is slower than usual.  But today was very successful and I felt great during the whole thing – not tired or anything.  I plan on conquering 8 miles on Saturday morning – a route I’ve done only once.  I feel like if I prep my mind for it now, by the time Saturday rolls around I’ll be ready to go.

Mike, Keira and I always look forward to Wednesday nights.  There’s live music downtown with lots of people and a ton of kids for Keira to play and dance with.  We usually have a nice dinner at home and then head downtown for some dessert and good music.  Last night we enjoyed a simple shrimp Caesar salad.  It was light and summery and delicious.

After dinner we headed to the center and grabbed a spot to sit and enjoy the tunes.  This band was really good!  They sounded great – better than any other band I’ve heard on Wednesday nights.

The band took a little break at which point Mike, Keira and I ventured off to find a good treat to enjoy.  We ended up at old faithful: Ben & Jerry’s.  You just really can’t go wrong there.  Mike ordered vanilla with cow chocolates mixed in, Keira munched on a cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and I thoroughly enjoyed a small cup of their “milk and cookies” flavor.  I’m pretty sure this is the best ice cream flavor they have going.

Hit.  The spot.

We made our way back to the music and ended up staying there until it ended at around 9.  Usually we leave earlier so that we can get Keira in bed at a decent time but she was having so much fun dancing and Mike and I were enjoying the music so much that we decided to stick around until the end.

Well it’s Thursday… the weekend is right around the corner.  Enjoy your Thursday, everyone 🙂


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