A Great Visit and Successful Run

Good morning, all!  I hope everyone had a nice Friday.  I sure did – My sister Jackie came up to visit Keira and me for the day.  It was a day full of good (and somewhat indulgent) eats and great company.  I’m hoping my run this morning kinda made up for some of what I ate yesterday… though I don’t regret a single bite 🙂

It’s runs like the one this morning that make me feel like I could finish a 10K with ease and even successfully complete a half marathon.  I felt like I was running on air.  I planned a 6-mile route but decided to keep going because it felt too good to call it a day.  When I came back home I tracked my route on MapMyRun.com.

7.02 miles done in 67 minutes and 50 seconds – 9.5 minutes per mile and 6.24 mile/hr. pace.  I’m happy about that!  The only thing that kept me from running further was the time – it was 6:15AM and I figured I’d need to get in an ab workout and shower before Keira woke up.  Mike worked late all week and so I really wanted to give him the morning to sleep in.

Jackie and I did what we always do when together: shopped and talked about food.  She’s a foodie just like me – in fact, I’m pretty sure she’s partly to blame for my “crossing over” into the healthy side of living.  Like me, she never liked vegetables or salads growing up.  She willingly admits her diet was not ideal until a couple of years ago when she spent a few months in Paris being a nanny for her cousins.  While she was over there she grew to love European food and really took up cooking and making healthy dishes in the states once she came back home.  Ever since then, her diet changed dramatically, she lost weight and got healthy.  I used to look at the things she ate and cringe – it all looked like rabbit food to me.  But now, together we share a passion for healthy foods and healthy living.

When Jackie got to my house we immediately headed out to TJ Maxx… one of our very favorite stores.  My sister is an insane shopper – she ALWAYS finds the really good stuff hidden behind all the junk.  EVERY time she wears something I find adorable, I’ll ask her where she bought it and she doesn’t even have to say anything anymore – she just gives “the look”.  This “look” I speak of is one that says “come on, do you really have to ask?”  Oh, right:  TJ’s.

After TJ’s we made a quick stop to McDonald’s so Keira could get a Happy Meal.  I’m really not a fan of buying anything from there.  I feel guilty giving Keira food that I wouldn’t eat myself.  But what kid didn’t indulge in a little Mickey D’s in their life??  She had the 4-piece chicken nuggets with apple slices instead of fries.  I at least felt a little better about that because she ended up eating all the apples and only 3 of the nuggets.  Hey, McD’s once in a long while won’t hurt the kid.

While Keira thoroughly enjoyed her lunch, Jackie and I hit up Subway because I had a coupon: buy one footlong, get the 2nd free.  Done and done.  I haven’t had “Grubway”, as Jack likes to call it, in at least a year.  I kid you not.  It was about time to break that record.  I got the 9-grain wheat with the veggie patty (yes, some Subways, depending on the location, offers veggie patties – I’ve done my research!) and loaded that baby up with even more vegetables: tomato, lettuce, red onion, green peppers and spinach with a drizzle of fat-free sweet onion sauce and a shake of salt and pepper.

This sandwich was rockin’.  The veggie patty was delicious.  I looked up the ingredients for the patty on Livestrong.com and here’s what I found:

The VegiMax ingredients, as stated by Subway, include: “vegetables (mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, green and red bell peppers, black olives), textured vegetable protein (soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, water for hydration), egg whites, cooked brown rice, rolled oats, corn oil, calcium caseinate, soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat), contains 2% or less of onion powder, corn starch, salt, hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat protein, autolyzed yeast extract, natural flavors from non-meat sources, sugar, soy protein isolate, spices, garlic powder, dextrose, jalapeno pepper powder, celery extract.”

Not bad, considering we’re talking about fast food here.  The one thing that made me shudder a little is the amount of sodium in each patty which is 1,030 mg.  The American Heart Association recommends we consume less than 1,500 mg per day.  Since you get two patties on a footlong… that means my sodium intake was ridiculous yesterday which explains the bloat I’m suffering from this morning.  Agh.  The next time I go to order a veggie sandwich from Subway, I think I’ll either just get the 6-inch or if I’ve got a big appetite, a footlong with just one patty on it and the rest vegetables.  Ya live, ya learn, ya move on.
Next we headed over to Starbucks and indulged in some frappuccinos.  I got a grande mocha coconut light frap with whipped cream.  OH my goodness.  This is what Heaven tastes like:
This was in my belly in about 10 minutes flat.  Maybe it tasted so good because the sweet complimented all the darn SALT I had just consumed minutes prior.  Oh well, it was fabulous.
We then had a grand old time at Trader Joe’s just looking around.  Jackie picked up some excellent dips – an eggplant dip and a roasted red pepper dip.  She also decided it would be a great idea to get toffee dipped in dark chocolate and coated with pistachios.  I was so stuffed from the day of good eats that I could only stomach a bite of one – DANGEROUS, I tell you.  It was just too good.
I’m looking forward to a weekend spent with Mike and Keira… and so I better get crackin’ in the kitchen – Keira’s belly is rumbling this morning 🙂  Have a great Saturday!

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