An Abs Routine & Old Faithful Breakfast

Last night I was genuinely excited for my alarm to go off at 4:45 this morning.  No, seriously.  I took an unexpected rest day yesterday and just couldn’t wait to get back out on the pavement for a longer-than-usual-weekday run.  Normally I save my longer runs for weekends but this morning I was craving the burn of a good challenge.

I plugged my route into a Map a Run feature on the Map My Run website.  According to this site, which I find is very accurate after clocking some of my routes with my car’s odometer, I ran 6.65 miles and it took me 65 minutes – a pace of about 9.7 minutes per mile.

Not bad!  I’d like to pick up my speed gradually, and I have since starting a consistent running routine back in February so hopefully I’ll continue to speed it up comfortably.

When I got back to my house I knocked out an abs routine and incorporated four sets of push-ups.  I kind of just made it up as I went along and didn’t really follow any guidelines though I did adapt some of the exercise moves from P90X’s Ab Ripper X.  Here’s what I did:

I’ve included links to Youtube videos to show you exactly how the exercises are done.

Crunches:  50 reps

Push-ups:  15 reps

In & Outs:  25 reps

Bicycles:  25 seconds

Reverse Bicycles:  25 seconds

Crunchy frog:  25 reps

Push-ups:  15 reps

Fifer scissors:  25 reps with about a 3-second hold between reps

Hip Rock & Raise:  25 reps

Pulse Ups:  25 reps

Push-ups:  15 reps

Crunches:  50

Side Crunches:  30 reps on each side

Leg climbs:  25 reps each leg

Push-ups:  15 reps

Mason twist:  60 reps – Touching both sides once counts as one rep.

It was really a glorious workout.  I think I’ve become so accustomed to my morning workout routines that by the time I go to bed at night on my rest day, I’m more than eager to pick it back up bright and early the next morning.  Call it crazy.  I call it dedication.

Breakfast was an egg white omelet full of red/yellow/green bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms with hummus and tomato on two slices of this sprouted grain and seed bread I picked up from Whole Foods yesterday:

Take a look at the fabulous ingredients.

You can clearly see all the grainy and seedy goodness that this stuff is made of.

I’m not about to even show you a picture of the finished product because by now I think you know what it looks like.  Man, I’ve gotta find me some new good recovery breakfast recipes one of these days… I’m just so entirely happy and satisfied with the usual!  Egg whites are chock full of protein.  Add the mixed bell peppers and onions, mushrooms, hummus, tomato and spouted grain and seed bread and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of a recovery breakfast.  It’s an old favorite and I don’t foresee myself getting sick of it any time soon.

I see a lot of bloggers doing this on their site but I’m just not sure I have enough readers to make it happen on mine.  If you feel like participating, just comment your answer to this question:

What is one of your very favorite breakfasts?  I’d love some new ideas!!


2 thoughts on “An Abs Routine & Old Faithful Breakfast

  1. So it’s definitely not healthy but my favorite breakfast will always be scrambled eggs, tater tots and chocolate milk from the Flik cafeteria. Mmmm something about those powdered eggs…

    I also love breakfast burritos (any combination of eggs, pepper, onions, cheese, sausage, salsa, something spicy, etc…), which can easily be made with healthy ingredients.

  2. Ahh first response! Danka! Oh man, who could forget the gourmet Flik food… Omg hash browns… YUM. I agree – breakfast burritos are great especially with a little kick. I prefer a smidgen of jalapeno peppa.

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