All Good Weekends Must Come to An End…

Well, it’s the end of a fun summer weekend shared with family.  This morning was glorious – I got to sleep in til 10 AM!  That’s unheard of for mommies!!  Mike insisted that he get up with Keira (at 6:40, nonetheless) even after a night of checking out a new bar in town and coming home at 2 AM to grill burgers and dogs with his brother.  Call it brotherly bonding… I still think they’re nuts!!  Even though I prefer running and working out early in the morning before Miss Keira wakes up, it felt great to catch up on some much needed sleep.  I leisurely got up when I felt fully rested and came downstairs to whip this up for myself:

Egg white omelet full of veggies on whole wheat toast smeared with hummus and a tomato alongside a sweet macintocsh apple. YUM!

I planned on taking over with the Keira patrol since I had a morning all to myself but my mother-in-law asked if she could take Keira to church with her and my sister (in-law) Bridgette.  So while Mom, Bridge and Keira were at church and Mike helped his dad outside with some car troubles, I took it upon myself to hit the pavement for a quick 3 1/2 mile run.

Usually I dedicate Sundays my rest days but if I’m feeling up to it, I certainly don’t ignore the urge.  I’m not used to running in the middle of the day and it was pretty hot out.  I made it a game to kind of pick up my speed through the sunny spots on the road and relish in the cool shady parts.

By the time I got back and took a shower, Keira was back from church and ready for some lunch.  After a big plate of chicken nuggets, rice and a snowflake roll she was ready for a long nap.  I didn’t even know what to do with myself!!  I felt like I was “off the hook” from Keira duty all day.  I even gave myself a manicure while she was napping!

I love my Keira to death but sometimes it’s just a really nice feeling when other people help out with the entertaining and whatnot so I can do some things for myself without worry.  I’m so grateful that my family (well – Mike’s family… but mine now, too) are so supportive that way.  My mother-in-law has five kids and knows exactly how it felt to just have some time to herself once in a (sometimes long) while so I think she enjoys helping me whenever she can.  Mike is a terrific dad, too, and always steps up on weekends especially when he’s not working.  I definitely enjoyed doing “me” things today.

Making dinner tonight was a team effort at the Sliva household.  My brother (in-law) Jimmy grilled burgers and dogs like a maniac (I think we could have fed an army), my mother-in-law prepared the tray of veggies and lemon chicken, Jackie took care of the garlic bread and cheese platter, I made the salad and everyone else got all the plates, napkins, silverware, drinks and condiments out on the porch in no time.

I’m not much of a meat-eater and so I opted for a fillet of salmon seasoned with a little salt, pepper and lemon juice which came out great.  A hefty side salad, grilled veggies and handful of baby carrots went just right with the fish.

Between my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, visiting with family from out of town, having a movie date night with Mike (and Jackie and her boy Jeff), taking the kids to the farmers market, cooking good food and sleeping in – I’d say I had a pretty darn good long weekend.  It’s good to be home, though, in my own house and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to crashing into my super comfy bed with my favorite guy.  Good night, all 🙂


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