Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today and we all celebrated last night with some family and friends.  Mike’s aunts cooked up a fabulous feast.  The food was truly outstanding.  There was marinated beef tenderloin, baked haddock with garlic and basil butter sauce and a ridiculously delicious pasta salad jazzed up with roasted red peppers, broccoli, pine nuts and mozzarella.  Garlic bread, roasted asparagus, potatoes dressed in oil and vinegar sauce, and a big ol’ salad was also on the menu.

My sister Jackie got in on the picture-taking-of-stupendous-food action with her fancy shmancy toy.  Can you tell I’m a tad jealous of her super cool camera she’s got there??  It’s a beauty.

While the aunts were cooking away in the kitchen, Keira and all the rest of the kids there were happily getting all their energy out in the pool.  I managed to snap a quick picture of Keira before she jumped in.

What a smile

Dinner was finally served (I had a sufficient drool stain on my shirt at this point.  Kidding… sort of) and I helped myself to not one but two plates of the fish, salad, asparagus, potatoes and pasta salad… TWO!!!  I’m talking FULL plates here, too!  I was a starvin’ Marvin and each and every single flavorful morsel of on my plate hit the spot in my growling tummy just right.

To be completely honest with you, I could have easily gone back for even more of the pasta salad but decided not to overdo it.  I ate my meal(s) so quickly that I knew it would only be a matter of a few minutes before the food coma would start setting in.

After dinner it was time for cake (2 cakes, actually – an ice cream cake and a carrot cake!) we sang to the birthday girl and Keira made herself quite comfortable on her Nana’s lap to help blow out the candles.  It’s become a little tradition in the family for Keira to sit on the lap of whoever’s birthday it is and help blow out their candles.

I opted not to indulge in either of the cakes last night because my stomach was perfectly overly stuffed with all the goods I fed it just a few minutes prior.  There are, however, plenty of leftovers to stuff my face with tonight have a bite or two later.

Well Keira should be up any minute from her nap and Jackie is on her way here to Mike’s parents’ house with the boys she nannies for.  We’re taking the kids to the farmers’ market in town.  Yay for fresh produce minus the pesticides!!


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