Listen To Your Body

Hi, all!  Before we start talking about food and all that jazz, I want to share with you an article I came across yesterday on one of my favorite websites  It’s all about P90X and Tony Horton, the mastermind behind it – The Power of P90X.  This is the program that changed my life.   P90X – a combination of fitness routines and an eating plan, is what pushed me to my limit, made me sweat, taught me about the best kinds of foods for my body and turned my body into a ripped and lean shape that I am proud of.  I cannot express to you how elated I am with taking that plunge into bettering myself – both mentally and physically.  I owe it all to the support of my family, my husband and P90X.

As promised, last night I enjoyed a light dinner of rice and vegetables with a touch of teriyaki to flavor it up a bit.  The huge tuna sandwich I inhaled for lunch kept me full until I was ready for dinner around 9 PM!

You’re looking at:

2 cups of wheat rice pilaf

1/4 cup of black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 tbsp. teriyaki sauce

I steamed the following ingredients for about 5 minutes before adding it to the rice and bean mixture in a small pot over the stove.

1/4 red onion

1/4 red bell pepper

1/4 green bell pepper

1/2 a zucchini

1/3 cup corn

1/2 cup broccoli

WHEW!  How’s that for a vegetarian feast?  I love the way the flavors meld together with the help of the smoky and (mildly) spicy teriyaki sauce.  You’d think that just one tablespoon couldn’t possibly flavor up the whole pot of rice and veggies but a little goes a very long way.

This morning I had planned on running 4 1/2 miles followed by a kickboxing routine.  I have to tell you, I was just lagging this morning on my run.  I completed the route but did so an entire 3 minutes slower than usual.  I think it may have had to do with the weather.  It was humid but I felt chilly at the same time.  At one point, I felt like cold air was coming from my left and warm air was coming from my right.  My sweaty head started to ache which really made the rest of my run uncomfortable.   I usually wear a hat but since yesterday was so darn hot, I figured today would be no different.  Note to self: check temperature BEFORE run!

I got home, downed a tall glass of cold water and took a lukewarm shower.  I felt instantly relieved of any such pesky headache and my whole body immediately felt more perky and less drained as I continued to get ready for the day while Mike and Keira were still fast asleep.  It just goes to show you that listening to your body is so very important.  Ignoring my body’s plea to forget about kickboxing today would have left me feeling fatigued and exhausted instead of exhilarated and energized.  Exercise should add to your sense of well-being, not slow you down or make you regret your decision to lace up and get moving in the first place.  And besides, my Keira needs a happy and alert mom and hang with all day, not a tired and cranky one!!

I so happily enjoyed yet ANOTHER bowl of overnight oats this morning.  I’ve had them more this week than ever – which isn’t a bad thing!  I try to have this breakfast every other day or every 2 days and having egg white omelets chock full of vegetables the other days but this week for some reason has been making me crave comfort food in the form of healthy, cold, refreshing, sweet overnight oats.  Nothing wrong with that!  Another example of listening to this body of mine!!

The base of this recipe is adapted from my friend Evan at Chocolate and Chaturangas.  I’ve tweaked it to better suit my liking 🙂

The night before:

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1 1/2 cups of water

Zap in the microwave for about 3 minutes – but watch carefully so you can stop the cooking if it starts bubbling over.  Just begin again when it goes down.  Let it come to room temperature before storing it in the refrigerator, covered, overnight.

The morning of:

Mix in one container (5.3 oz) of Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt until well combined.  Add a sprinkle of vanilla instant pudding mix (optional but does give it a tad more vanilla flavoring!).  Then go nuts with your own add-ins and toppings.  This morning a cubed banana and swirl of peanut butter tickled my fancy.

Here are some of my favorite ad-in ideas for you to consider:

Blueberries and maple syrup or almond butter… or both

Peanut butter and raspberry jam (my ULTIMATE favorite!)

Baked apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup

Raisins and cinnamon (tastes like a Cinnabon!)

Strawberry and banana slices

The list could quite literally go on forever.  The possibilities are endless!  Experiment!  There’s no wrong way of doing it – the bowl will taste delicious no matter what!!

I tried something different for lunch today.  I happen to love sushi – but I consider myself to be picky about it.  For example, I wouldn’t branch out from ANY sushi place other than Whole Foods Market.  The one in my town has a fresh sushi bar and it is the BEST sushi I’ve come across.  Since discovering the Whole Foods sushi, I’ve been inclined only once to try my beloved brown rice shrimp rolls and California rolls elsewhere.  My mom and I went downtown and had sushi at a cute restaurant I had never been to before.  It was, to my surprise, very tasty.  I decided then and there that maybe Whole Foods wasn’t the be all and end all of sushi in this world.

While at BJ’s yesterday picking up the usual bulk items we seem to go through as if we were the Duggar family, I came across brown rice California rolls with crab meat, carrot and avocado.  It looked pretty good and was a great price (cheaper than Whole Foods with a larger portion) so I decided to grab it and give it a try.  One of these days I’ll invest in a sushi-making kit so I can make this on my own!!

I paired it alongside a handful of fresh sweet baby carrots for an extra crunch and sweetness.  There is no other combination quite like sweet and salty to get my taste buds dancing.

My overall opinion of this sushi was that it was not quite as tasty as either the Whole Foods sushi or the sushi I had with my mom at the Hibachi restaurant, but nonetheless it was very good, hit the spot and I polished off this dish without hesitation.  Will I buy it again next time I’m at BJ’s?  Yup.  Will I continue to treat myself with sushi from Whole Foods?  Absolutely!

Dinner tonight is an idea I’ve had for a while I’ve been meaning to try.  I’m eager to see how it turns out!  Come back tomorrow for pictures and a recipe of my creation!


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