I Ate My Weight

I ate my weight.  At least I feel like I did with all this summertime fun and food happening all around me this whole weekend!

Today was a rest day for me as far as working out goes but let’s talk about yesterday first since I didn’t get around to posting.  My mom and I ran 5.5 miles and completed a quick ab routine.  Breakfast felt sinful but was healthy and filling as ever – my favorite PB&J overnight oats.  I took a picture of them post-swirl.  I’m still not sure it does them justice but here ya go:

We packed up and headed to Papa’s Boat (as Keira calls it) for a day on the water.  Keira was absolutely BEAT from the aquarium adventure the day before and ended up falling asleep on me in the middle of our boat ride.

I wish her shades were off so you could tell she was asleep!!

By the time Keira woke up, my whole body was cramped up and tummy growling and I was pretty psyched for a stellar lunch I made for myself:  leftover coconut shrimp tossed in romaine with baby carrots, hard boiled egg whites and goat cheese in a lite raspberry vinaigrette.

I also toasted a whole wheat English muffin and spread raspberry jam and a little goat cheese on top.  DE-licious.

I really liked how the raspberry jam on the English muffin paired so well with the raspberry vinaigrette in my salad.  It was light and summery – perfect summer lunch on the boat.

Today was spent in NY at my cousin’s graduation party.  It took place at a gorgeous park with a playground that Keira wore herself out on.  The food was GREAT and I wish I knew the company who catered it.

At the top is a summer squash casserole – it tasted like a stuffing.  There was squash, corn, onions, peppers and some sort of spice mixed in with breading.  I’ve got to find a recipe to replicate this because it was way too good.  To the right of it was a cold rice salad with tomatoes and green onions.  I’m not sure I’ve ever really had cold rice and enjoyed it so I was very pleasantly surprised with this side.  A fruit salad and handful of baby carrots completed this meal.  I admittedly went back up for seconds on the rice and casserole… yum.

I so wish I took a picture of all the desserts but Keira was climbing on me and stealing bites here and there so I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos except for the one below of the OUTRAGEOUS cake.  I had a ridiculous amount of cake, a chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate cookie with some sort of fabulous icing on top and a mini brownie.  Let me just say that I don’t even like cake and it was insane good.

Let me also say that I ate all this deliciousness I speak of at 3 PM today.  It is now almost 9 and I am STILL full.  FULL to my ears!!!  I don’t think I’ve eaten that much in a sitting… ever.  I’ll be sleeping like a BABY tonight with my tum so full and happy 🙂

And one more thing – since I’m a proud mama and can’t help but love sharing pictures of my Keira, here’s one from today that might make you smile:

Do you think she has enough floatation devices attached to her?? Love it!!

Have a splendid evening, everyone.  I’ll be hitting the hay pretty soon – Can’t wait to see Mike tomorrow.  Guy’s been working like a madman and I’ve been missing him like crazy.  The faster I go to sleep, the quicker tomorrow comes!!  Night!


3 thoughts on “I Ate My Weight

  1. cool i wanna do this type of blogging thing. this is so cool that you take such care with the eating thing

  2. Hey Alex – I am just noticing your posts and they are so cool – the food you are preparing looks awesome and so healthy. I enjoy looking at these posts and seeing what you ate!!
    It was great to see you guys Sunday even if I couldn’t really visit with you – so glad you could make it as was Matthew.
    My sisters did all of the food so I can get you the recipes for the summer squash casserole and Rice Salad. I will e-mail them to you as soon as I get them. They did a great job and I couldn’t have done the party without them. Again, nice to see you and I look forward to future blogs and food pictures and of course pictures of Kiera who is a doll.

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