Maritime With the Kiddies

Today definitely made up for lost dinosaur park times yesterday.  My sister (in-law) and I took Keira and the boys she nannies for to the aquarium for the day.  We had originally planned on a beach day but the weather was miserable and so we decided to head over to see all the fishies.

First off, though, was a nice long run with my Mama at 5 AM.  It was still a little dark but good Lord was it HUMID!  We ran a total of 6.5 hilly miles and right dead smack in the middle of it came a downpour that lasted about 10 minutes or so.  Nothing like a heavy shower on a run to really make you feel like a runner.  It’s actually kind of exciting – you’re out there, on the road, rain pouring down – and you’re still truckin’ away.  I think my pace sped up but not because I wanted to get home faster (heck, we were still over 3 miles out!) but because the rain gave me a strange “second wind,” if you will.

When we got back to the house we pumped out a quick ab routine, got ready for the day and most importantly: plugged in the coffee.

Maria went to work and I made a breakfast of egg whites with spinach, red pepper and red onions on whole wheat toast with a generous serving of roasted red pepper hummus.

Keira and I headed over to the home of her very best friends in the world Teddy and Henry.  My sister-in-law (for the record – it feels silly saying “in-law” even though she is my in-law because I feel like she’s my real sister… so let’s just continue on with “sister” from here on out.  Isn’t the “in-law” part annoying to read, anyhow?  It’s annoying to type!) nannies for two of the smartest, cutest, most handsome little boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know.  They really are great kids and Keira absolutely adores them.

We all piled into one car and made our way to the aquarium….

… but made a quick pit-stop to pick up a couple of these:

Haven't had one of these in forever - Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte

… Because there is no such thing as too much coffee whilst running after three children under the age of 6.

Before going into the aquarium we sat outside and had some lunch.  Mine consisted of a tuna wrap, half of a leftover sweet potato from last night and a handful of baby carrots.

1 whole wheat wrap

1 can of white tuna mixed with a tbsp. of red pepper hummus

dash of salt

pinch of pepper

3 slices of tomato

1 large handful of baby spinach

It was delicious but I could have gone for more… next time maybe I’ll double the tuna, hummus and veggies but keep the wrap.  Now THAT would fill me up.

Finally we got to the aquarium and the kiddies had a blast together.

Blurry but can't miss the love between these guys 🙂

By the time we left, the munchkins were beat, not to mention Mama and Aunt Jackie.  We all hopped in the car and took them on a very much needed nap ride.  After a very long day of looking at a bazillion different sea creatures and (literally) chasing after these three nuggets, a sight like this is pretty spectacular.

It only took them a good 30 minutes of delirium to finally give in to the sleepies.

This is how Jackie and I feel when we succeed at getting not one, not two, but all THREE kids to sleep at the same time:

Note: Keira's bobble head in the background.

And on that note, I’m gonna catch some Zzz’s myself… Up at the crackage again tomorrow morning because even though it’s Saturday, Keira reallllly couldn’t care less and I’ve gotta get my workout in before she wakes up!!


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