Pre-4th Bash

Good morning!  My day started with a cool 5-mile run that left me feeling accomplished and energized – the best way to begin the day.  It was hilly and challenging – just the way I like it now and then.  Usually I opt for a more level route with one or two good climbs but today was a roller coaster and I loved every step.

Take a look at this – my mother-in-law saw came across this page in her Vera Bradley catalog and it reminded her of the blog!

Birthday presents for Keira?? I think so!

Yesterday I enjoyed a day full of family, friends and good food.  It was such a perfect day for a picnic.  My brother-in-law manned the grill all afternoon cooking up a ton of burgers, dogs, sausages, vegetables, potatoes and pineapple in the sunshine.  He even brilliantly grilled up a veggie burger just for me – it was scrumptious!  My plate was also full of grilled peppers, onions, squash, green beans and mushrooms drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt ‘n peppa.  A separate plate of fruit salad rounded out my colorful summertime meal.

See those carrots on the left side of my plate?  My mother-in-law found these gourmet baby carrots at BJs.  I would never think to cook carrots this way but they were sweet and crunchy straight off the grill.  SO good!We’ve got lots of fun plans for today but as I type this, the rain is coming down pretty hard.  Let’s hope it clears up so we can enjoy the outside again!!  Pictures and stories to post later!  Enjoy your Sunday, everyone 🙂


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