Strawberry-Banana Green Monster Smoothie

My snack of choice is almost always a protein smoothie – especially now that we’re getting into the super hot days of summer.  They cool me down, pick me up, and leave me feeling full and refreshed all at the same time.

Into a blender or food processor goes:

1 Small frozen banana

2 Frozen strawberries

3 Ice cubes

A big handful of fresh spinach

1 c Unsweetened almond milk

1 Scoop vanilla protein powder

A pinch of xanthan gum (a gluten-free thickener)

Blend up all the ingredients until it’s smooth and creamy.  Using frozen fruit makes the smoothie super thick and the xanthan gum makes it even thicker – I highly suggest purchasing some because it makes a huge difference in the consistency of your smoothie.

It was so thick I needed a spoon to eat it!!

Don’t let the spinach or green-ness of it scare you away.  I promise, you won’t even taste the slightest bit of spinach.  It honestly tastes like a strawberry-banana milkshake from Ben & Jerry’s!


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