First Post!

Hi!  I’m really excited to get started and share my world with you all.  I’ll be posting about my daily workout routine along with some of what I eat throughout the day to keep myself nice and full and fueled!  Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or question – about anything! – or just say hello!  I absolutely love reading other peoples’ blogs so if you’ve got one, make sure to let me know what site you’re from.   Let’s get started!!

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn like usual… 4:45AM to be exact.  I was on the pavement by 5 and ran an easy (besides for that one killer hill!!) 4 miles.  I LOVE running bright and early in the morning.  I truly look forward to it when I go to sleep at night.  For one: Mike and Keira are still fast asleep.  And for two: it’s so nice and quiet out with hardly any cars whizzing by.  I can even hear the birdies over my iPod.  I see the same early risers – the joggers, walkers, bus-takers, dog-walkers – each and every morning and it makes me feel a sense of unspoken camaraderie between us all.

When I came back I downed a tall glass of water and immediately got started on Kenpo X – a DVD from my P90X package.  It’s kickboxing, more or less.  Lots of kicks, punches, blocks and jumping jacks to keep the heart going strong.  It’s probably one of my very favorite DVDs of the bunch because I feel so strong afterward.  I finished up with a 15-minute ab routine and showered and by then, Miss Keira Bedeira and Mike were awake!

And now for BREAKFAST!  It’s my absolute favorite meal of the day.  During my workout I ponder what I’ll make myself and sometimes count down the minutes til the routine is over and done with so I can sip on my hot coffee with French vanilla coconut creamer and sink my teeth into this:

3/4 cups of egg whites and 1/2 cup of chopped peppers and onions cooked low and slow and sandwiched between 2 slices of whole-grain toast each slathered with a tbsp. of sweet red pepper hummus.  This breakfast sandwich is packed full of protein, veggies and vitamins and is one of my very favorite post-workout breakfasts that I’ve ever come up with.

Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day.  I know you’ve heard this a million times before but it’s the truth.  It gives your metabolism and jump start and can also keep you from snacking later on.  I never really used to love breakfast before until I started working out in the morning.  Now by the time I’m finished with my workout, my tummy is oh so grumbly and breakfast is what lifts me right back up!

Today Keira and I are making some special 4th of July treats for the festivities this weekend!  Check back lata!


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